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Navigating the green maritime future with dual-fuel engine innovation

Embrace simulation-driven engineering to transform combustion engines into dual-fuel to facilitate the carbon-neutral future


Green cargo ship sailing on the ocean.

The maritime industry is urged to find carbon-free powertrain and propulsion system solutions by 2050 to comply with the latest IMO regulation. Interestingly, innovating internal combustion engine and extending its capability to leverage alternative fuels, sparks a great potential to succeed in this sustainability-driven industry transformation.

However, pioneering this innovative concept introduces new engineering challenges.

Watch these two seminar sessions by MAN Energy Solutions and get inspired by how they leverage CFD simulations to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by advancing dual-fuel combustion systems. CFD simulation and validation mechanisms empower the team to model and predict the dual-fuel interaction, seeking the highest engine efficiency.

You will learn about:

  • Climate-neutral fuels and their characteristics
  • The anatomy of complex chemistry for combustion CFD modeling
  • Methanol/diesel and ammonia/diesel CFD simulation workflow
  • Examples of engine injection, spray and combustion CFD simulation with Simcenter STAR-CCM+

Watch these seminars to explore how CFD simulation software capabilities and methodologies are evolving to support engine engineers today.

Meet the speakers

MAN Energy Solutions SE

Dominik Krnac

PhD student, Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics Department

MAN Energy Solutions SE

Bhuvaneswaran Manickam

Development Engineer, Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics Department