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Tomorrow’s power, today: optimizing marine engine performance with system simulation

Estimated Watching Time: 78 minutes


Tomorrow’s power, today: optimizing marine engine performance with system simulation

Ship engines are complex, made up of many interacting systems. How do you evaluate these systems’ interactions and their impact on product features before having a complete engine prototype? How do you ensure optimal marine engine performance over all operating conditions?

This webinar introduces the use of system simulation for ship internal combustion engine design. Learn how 1D simulation is used to frontload ship main engine designs. This means you can understand marine engine performance, consider complex systems, and assess alternative fuel types and configurations from your early planning stages. Gain an overview on using system simulation software and learn how it leads to faster design times, increased engine performance, and improved ship efficiency.

How is system simulation software used in marine engine design?

The webinar covers the use of engine system simulation software for these topics:

  • In-cylinder combustion
  • Engine thermal management
  • Intake, exhaust and engine actuation
  • After-treatment systems
  • Electrification
  • Engine integration

Each of these areas present different challenges, but our system simulation software contains tools and libraries to make performance assessment simple, with fast results. The methods presented are supported by examples from marine companies.

This webinar will be of interest to ship main engine manufacturers and anyone interested in improving ship efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The marine industry faces a continuing challenge to meet regulations by improving ship efficiency and reducing NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions. At the same time, economic conditions mean that only the best-performing companies can survive. Companies are under pressure to reduce development costs while improving ship performance. This webinar shows how system simulation provides solutions to these challenges by helping to optimize marine engine performance. It will help you to answer questions such as:

  • Is my main engine powerful enough for the operating conditions of the ship?
  • How can I optimize the control system design?
  • What is the response of the engine in adverse weather conditions?
  • Can I switch to a hybrid propulsion system, or implement alternative fueling such as LNG, Ammonia or Hydrogen?

Case study: MAN Energy solutions reduce main engine fuel injection system development time by a factor of five

Hybrid and dual-fuel system engines are of great interest in the marine industry, as a way of reducing emissions but maintaining fleet flexibility. MAN Energy solutions used Simcenter Amesim to model both gas and liquid fuel injection systems and design their new dual-fuel engine. This reduced the reliance on expensive physical testing of engine prototypes and reduced overall development time by a factor of five. Hear more on this case study, and other similar ones, in this webinar.

Meet our speaker and expert in system simulation software for marine engine performance

Romain Nicolas, Business developer, Simcenter Amesim

Romain has over ten years of experience in using system simulation software for engine design and optimization. In his current role, he works with marine and heavy machinery customers, supporting their use of Simcenter Amesim, understanding their business needs, and guiding product development.

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