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Marine acoustics: Strategic ship noise and vibration testing

Understand structural dynamics to master vessel performance

Estimated Watching Time: 64 minutes


Monitor closeup of vessel simulation software.

The laws and regulations regarding the radiated sound, noise and vibrations on board a ship are becoming stricter all the time. The sound radiated from the ship can affect marine life or cause noise pollution when entering port, while noise and vibrations on board can seriously impact the health of the crew and passengers.

Ship noise as a design parameter

Low ship noise and vibration levels and good acoustics are important design parameters of yachts, ferries, cruise ships and commercial ships. Although the noise and vibration requirements can differ by ship type, expectations have risen sharply in recent years. Learn more in our presentation from industry expert, Mostapha Choukri.

Propulsion system vibration testing

One of the main contributors to the noise and vibration generated by a vessel is the propulsion system. Quantifying its strength and understanding how its energy propagates and is amplified by the ship structure helps to identify weak spots and sensitive paths that contribute most to generated noise and vibrations. Watch the demonstration to learn how vibration testing in vessel design is an important step in optimizing efficiency.

Design for on-board comfort

Learn how Simcenter can help you to tackle noise and vibration issues in ships and optimize on-board comfort levels. We will discuss:

  • Full ship dynamics using operational modal analysis
  • Analysis of rotating machinery and torsional vibrations
  • Optimizing noise reduction using Sound Source Localization tools
  • Identifying and assessing structure and airborne energy transfer paths

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