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Manufacturing Smart Decisions and Innovation Efficiency


Manufacturing Smart Decisions and Innovation Efficiency

  • Do your manufacturing systems enable you to make the best manufacturing decisions?
  • Are you confident your manufacturing systems can deliver to your business ambitions?
  • Do your existing systems and processes inhibit product and manufacturing innovation?
  • Are you investing to survive or investing to thrive to produce higher quality products for more customers?

Manufacturers face many challenges including stricter emissions, safety regulations, supply chain disruptions due to a constantly changing global economy, while under the constant threat of increased competition, tightening margins, and market disruption. Overcoming each of these challenges requires pragmatic decisions to be made during every step of the manufacturing journey to enable your best outcomes.

Join us to learn how smart manufacturing can help manufacturers manage the challenges associated with increasing product and process complexity.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dave Introcaso

Digital Manufacturing Industry Manager

Dave supports the implementation of digital manufacturing solutions across multiple industries. In a previous role, he served as an on-site consultant at an automotive OEM where he assisted with the global implementation of digital manufacturing methods and best practices. Prior to joining Siemens, Dave supervised and executed various process planning projects for an automotive tier-one supplier.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Brad Rosenhamer

Portfolio Development Executive

Brad focuses on MOM for heavy machinery and automotive customers. He has been with Siemens for a year and comes to Siemens with 20 years of manufacturing experience, most while employed by Danfoss, a globally diversified manufacturing company and customer of Siemens. Brad has a long history with Danfoss, starting on the shop floor during college within assembly and machining, working as an intern in the test lab, and working up through the organization into senior leadership positions. These leadership positions included Senior Director of Infrastructure IT, Senior Director of America’s IT Region, Head of Infrastructure Innovation, and Global Manufacturing IT Services Manager. Brad attended Iowa State University where he attained a BS degree in Computer Engineering and a M.Eng. in Systems Engineering.