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How to address Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing challenges

Use manufacturing analytics to measure, evaluate and continuously improve

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A person holds a tablet to collect and view manufacturing analytics using sensors and IIoT

Manufacturing analytics within manufacturing operations management (MOM) solutions gives manufacturers the ability to measure and evaluate their processes to solve operational issues.

This improved visibility reveals ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and more.

Watch this webinar and discover how to implement a manufacturing analytics solution, get the most out of your data, and see how other manufacturers have succeeded.

What is manufacturing analytics?

Manufacturing analytics includes all the data from the processes, machines, and technologies within a manufacturing facility, and it's a critical part of Industry 4.0.

End-to-end manufacturing analytics hasn't always been possible, but new technologies are changing that and improving visibility from development to production and delivery to customer operation.MOM solutions with manufacturing analytics capabilities use sensors and IIoT capabilities to collect and analyze large amounts of data.

This data can then be leveraged to make more informed and faster decisions about the productivity and profitability of operations.

Manufacturing analytics and smart factories

For manufacturers to quickly deliver the personalized products their customers demand, they need to be highly agile and flexible.

They need to do this while coping with the rising costs of materials and slow deliveries due to complicated and unpredictable supply chains.

The smart factories of the future will be able to react more quickly and produce more efficiently.

Implementing a manufacturing operations management (MOM) tool with manufacturing analytics capabilities takes the first step toward the smart factory of the future.

That vast amount of data holds real value, capable of bringing people closer together and bridging the gaps between every stakeholder.

The data explosion is already happening.

It's just a matter of harnessing all of it for tomorrow's smart factory.

Companies of all sizes, ranging from startups and small businesses to large enterprises, are deploying solutions like Opcenter Intelligence, in combination with Opcenter Execution Discrete to gain immediate and actionable insight using manufacturing data.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Massimiliano (Max) Ponticelli

Product Manager for Manufacturing Analytics

Massimiliano has worked for Siemens for over 20 years, specializing in manufacturing and manufacturing solutions. He uses his technical background and industry experience to help customers achieve their goals and solve problems using manufacturing analytics.

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