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Manage the Complexity in Modern Auto & Vehicle Development with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)


Manage the Complexity in Modern Auto & Vehicle Development with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Adapt or risk becoming obsolete. With consumers demanding sustainable, autonomous and connected transportation, the challenge is on. The pressure to go electric is intense, society is screaming for greener vehicles. Consumers also require more connected and autonomous vehicles. In order to thrive in this complex industry, automakers must have the knowledge and solutions to deliver these innovative vehicles.

You can learn how in our Software & Systems Engineering webinar! In it, you will see how an integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach can help you manage the complexity these industry challenges present

Manage Requirements and Regulations in Vehicle Development with MBSE

The pressure to deliver on sustainability is huge. Consumers are requiring more environmentally friendly vehicles. There are also an increasing number of governments worldwide with plans to phase out internal combustion engines (ICE). Shifting away from ICE to electrical propulsion systems entails dramatic changes for the traditional automotive industry. By 2040, over half of all passenger vehicles sold will be electric! With this drive for sustainability, automakers must adapt too if they want to stay ahead.

Automakers need to embrace an integrated MBSE approach to deliver on these needs. Doing so, will help you develop the sustainable vehicles your customers, and governments are requiring.

ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Development Complexity is Managed with Siemens Software

Consumers also want to be connected. They are also increasingly interested in the benefits that ADAS and autonomous vehicles bring to the picture. To answer these needs, software is fast becoming the most important part of the vehicle. This added software has resulted in more complexity in the development of vehicles than ever before. While it opens significant opportunities to meet this demand, it also has invited in a new class of competition. Technology players, from start-ups to tech giants, all are fighting for the future of transportation. To win in this battle, an approach founded on MBSE principles is required.

Gain a Competitive Edge with MBSE – Join the Webinar to Learn More

Software & Systems Engineering can help automakers develop today’s complex vehicles at the speed required to lead the industry. This integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach from Siemens is based on five pillars: Product Definition, Connected Engineering, Product Validation, Quality Engineering and Integrated Program Planning.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Meet the demand for sustainability and tackle the increase of software complexity and electronics in the automotive industry by enabling a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Optimize your production and planning processes with the help of simulation technology and an integrated digital approach.
  • Embrace digital transformation to develop today’s vehicles faster, with higher quality, and drive the change that changes driving.