On-Demand Webinar

Low-Power Micro-Architectures for FinFET Designs


FinFET technologies reduce leakage, only to have dynamic power increase and become more dominate. This shift makes it even more critical to find new ways to reduce the dynamic power in today’s power sensitive designs.

Designers can achieve substantial reductions by evaluating and selecting optimal microarchitectures for implementing functions in their design.

In this web seminar, we will review:

  • Alternatives and techniques that can reduce dynamic power

  • How to select available micro-architectures and the trade-offs and impacts of these decisions

  • How RTL designers can properly evaluate the trade-offs and make intelligent choices

What you will learn

  • Techniques to reduce dynamic power by evaluating and selecting optimal microarchitectures to implement functions in their design

  • The tradeoffs and impacts of these microarchitectures decisions and how RTL designers can choose between them

Who should view

  • RTL designers interested in maximum reduction of switching/dynamic power in their blocks/designs especially those targeting FinFet technologies

  • Verification engineers responsible for deeper power reductions

  • RTL project managers interested in overall power reductions in their designs beyond the typical clock and memory gating.