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Level up! Join the cloud and Design your next PCB for Manufacturability

Optimize your design to manufacturability process with Siemens' cloud solution - PCBflow

Estimated Watching Time: 75 minutes


Design for Manufacturing

Harness the power of PCBflow to make your next PCB project easier!

Producing a novel PCB is complicated.   From sourcing parts, to layout, fabrication and assembly, approaching the task with expert advice and clear communication is essential to success. PCBflow, Siemens cloud-based DFM has already proven to bring up-to-speed value to users around the world. Join us on September 13th to hear about this experience directly from the users.

The latest version of PCBflow is making the task of designing and manufacturing PCBs easier and faster by collecting all the resources you need on a single, secure cloud platform:

  • Access world-class Design-For-Manufacture analysis from anywhere
  • Check availability and pricing of parts early in your process
  • Recognize design faults that can make manufacturing expensive or impossible
  • Clearly understand the changes you need to make to align with manufacturing specifications and standards

In this webinar, join our partners as they showcase how this innovative SaaS solution is changing the way that both PCB designers and manufacturers are working.

Learn directly from the visionaries and users:

  • Tips for using cloud-based DFM to quickly assess your design for manufacturability
  • Integration of cloud solutions with existing on-premises tools
  • When to choose a cloud solution for your DFM needs
  • Avoiding Assembly Issues- DFA Lessons Learned on SMT Assembly
  • Sustainability through cloud applications
  • The future roadmap of the PCBflow cloud solution 

Who Should Attend:

  • PCB designers
  • NPI engineers
  • Engineering/CAD managers
  • PCB Manufacturing engineers

Meet the speakers

Nistec Design Ltd.

Evgeny Makhline

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Evgeny Makhline is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Nistec Design Ltd.
Evgeny has over 20 years of experience PCB design of innovative electronic boards. As CTO, he is responsible for implementing leading technology strategy and innovation. As part of this role, he contributes extensively to the technical aspects of customer proposals and deliverables. He works to ensure that Nistec Design customers receive products and services of high technical quality.

Cadlog Srl

Ivano Tognetti

Product Manager EDA Division

Application Engineer Manager, with presales and post sales services responsibility. Product Manager EDA Division. Technical analysis and consulting, trainings, technology consulting.


Bas Hassink


As one of the founders from InnoFour, I’m exceptionally motivated and a dedicated Applications Engineer. Within the current position highly respected for my technical knowledge, problem solving ability and customer focus. This for over 20 years, now.
Widely experienced in PCB Design Systems and Product Lifecycle Management solutions. From simple to complex, and multilayer PCBs containing RF, high-speed digital and analog technologies for high-volume, low-cost manufacture.


Paul Carpine

Technical Marketing Engineer

Supporting the PCBflow (SaaS DFM from Siemens), Paul Carpine works with PCB Designers to improve their projects for efficient manufacturing. His focus is Design for Manufacturing, covering the technical and financial aspects. Paul started his career as SMT Process Engineer in Flextronics more than 15 years ago and the last 12 years he worked for important payers in the Automotive Industry. He has practical experience in prototyping and design for manufacturing.

Siemens DISW

Susan Kayesar

PCBflow Product Manager

Susan holds a BSc from Tel Aviv University and brings over 20 years of experience in the PCB design and verification industry. She is an expert at cultivating creative software solutions to meet real-world customer needs and in the past has provided support, training, and consultancy services for both simple and complex product implementations.

Siemens DISW

Ofer Ben David

Head of PCBflow

Introduced PCBflow, an innovative cloud-based software solution which bridges the gap between the electronics design and manufacturing ecosystems.

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