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IT systems for capital projects

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<p>Within the energy industry, capital projects are growing in complexity, frequently delaying project completions and increasing costs. This is occurring as energy businesses navigate market volatility and transition to more sustainable operations.</p><p>Watch our on-demand webinar to learn why Siemens has partnered with SAP, a global leader in the ERP and SCM industry, to provide an intelligent asset management solution that uses data to optimize capital asset performance across the entire lifecycle.</p><h2>Digital software for capital intensive industry</h2><p>To thrive in a capital intensive industry such as energy, businesses are working to integrate their digital and physical assets. These organizations use many types of software solutions as the backbone of business processes, including product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM). While each software solution provides value, companies gain significantly greater value using integrated solutions. Watch the webinar to learn how integrating Teamcenter CALM with SAP core business systems synergistically improves business and operations performance.</p><h2>Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) software</h2><p>With today’s ultra-volatile oil and gas prices, many energy businesses struggle to increase profits while improving their sustainability. The complex nature of the energy industry also makes it difficult for departments inside companies to collaborate, resulting in organizational silos that stifle innovation and communication. By adopting engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) software, EPC companies in particular receive dramatic benefits, including improved alignment between construction and engineering teams. Learn how to improve critical planning and execution decisions by watching the webinar. </p><h2>Capital project examples</h2><p>Energy companies can navigate today’s critical challenges by leveraging Siemens’ and SAP’s combined capabilities. This approach integrates system engineering and manufacturing industry best practices with the back-office capabilities from ERP and SCM systems. </p><p>Watch the webinar for capital project examples that show how companies can improve their sustainability, make data-driven decisions and prevent costly breakdowns.</p>

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)

John Nixon

Sr. Director, Energy & Utilities

John is the Energy & Utilities global strategy lead for Siemens DISW.

John has worked in energy and utilities for 28+ years. John created multiple energy and technology start-ups leading business development in China, Romania, Panama and the USA. John as also led large greenfield and brownfield projects with oil and mining supermajors in Canada and China, and spearheaded pipeline asset integrity programs in USA and Mexico. In addition to this, John holds patents for pipe lining technology and has been a board member for multiple technology firms and university R&D associations. John was an officer in the US Army and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.


Benjamin Beberness

Global VP Oil, Gas, and Energy

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