On-Demand Webinar

Is C++ or SystemC the Right Language for your Next HLS Project?

Estimated Watching Time: 32 minutes


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between using C++ and SystemC for High-Level Synthesis (HLS)? Which language is best suited for your design challenges? This live webinar will provide a practical, unbiased overview of the differences and benefits of the two most common high-level hardware description languages. The webinar will show side-by-side coding examples for basic hardware concepts; such as hierarchy, IO, numerical precision, and timing. Catapult, supporting both SystemC and C++ for HLS, is uniquely placed to discuss the differences between the two languages.

What you will learn:

  • Difference is between using C++ and SystemC for HLS

  • Is C++ or SystemC best suited for your design challenge

  • Simulation runtime differences

  • Hierarchy differences

Who should attend:

  • RTL designers and managers interested in moving up to HLS

  • Existing HLS users

  • Hardware Architects


  • Two language choices

  • Different Levels of abstraction

  • Bit accurate data types

  • Building the same design in C++ & SystemC

  • Simulation runtime differences

  • Interfacing to the outside world

  • Hierarchy differences

Meet the speaker

Siemens EDA

Stuart Clubb

Technical Product Management Director

Stuart is responsible for Catapult HLS Synthesis and Verification Solutions since July 2017. Prior to this role, Stuart had been successfully managing the North American FAE team for Mentor/Siemens and Calypto Design Systems and was key to the growth achieved for the CSD products after the Calypto acquisition. Moving from the UK in 2001 to work at Mentor Graphics, Stuart held the position of Technical Marketing Engineer, initially on the Precision RTL synthesis product for 6 years and later on Catapult for 5 years. He has held various engineering and application engineering roles ASIC and FPGA RTL hardware design and verification. Stuart graduated from Brunel University, London, with a Bachelors of Science.