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IPC specifications and DFM rules

What can and cannot be done

Estimated Watching Time: 30 minutes


IPC specifications as DFM rules
Adapting IPC standards to fit with your DFM ruleset

IPC Documentation covers hundreds of specifications designed to improve the overall reliability of a PCB throughout its product lifecycle. The specifications and classes developed by IPC are ubiquitous across the industry and form the de facto standards adopted by many organizations. When setting up a DFM ruleset many are tempted to simply adopt these IPC standards as a basis for their DFM process and allow these constraints to drive the quality of their product. This line of thought is pervasive throughout the industry but represents a fundamental misunderstanding of how IPC specifications relate to DFM Rules.

This webinar focuses on how IPC standards can and should be adopted within a DFM ruleset. It focuses on how these specific specs can be expanded into constraint rules, and examines which specifications can be appropriately expressed as DFM factors, and which specifications exist as acceptability and quality guidelines and are unable to be expressed within a ruleset.

In this webinar, you will learn about

  • IPC-2221
  • IPC-2222
  • IPC-A-600K
  • IPC-2223
  • IPC-2226
  • IPC-7351

These rules are setup within Valor NPI’s Analysis Definition Manager, but the implementation can be transferred to any other related DFM tool.

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