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Intelligent Electrical Control Panel Design

Estimated Watching Time: 31 minutes


Intelligent Electrical Control Panel Design

Global pressures and decreased time-to-market challenge manufacturers to embrace lean concepts and use innovations to maximize their competitive effectiveness. Recent technology advancements intended to modernize conventional control panel wiring are transforming how panels are designed, built, commissioned, and maintained.

Every year, the bar is raised on competitiveness. New technologies, innovations, and more effective manufacturing practices propel us to higher levels of productivity. It is no surprise then that productivity is among the top five priorities for companies.

The CEO Institute reports that the top five issues that keep CEOs awake at night include:

  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing costs
  • Achieving operational efficiency
  • Managing increasing competition
  • Achieving top-line growth

In this webinar, our experts will highlight the industry challenges faced by companies when it comes to designing electrical control panels and what solutions are available to increase productivity, reduce errors, and provide manufacturing with accurate documentation.

You will learn:

  • How reuse of schematic design data can drive cabinet layout design and generate a BOM
  • How to automatically generate Terminal Plans
  • How to generate accurate high-quality data to share with manufacturing

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Kevin Moran

Sr. Application Engineer, Global Technical Enablement, Mainstream Engineering

Kevin joined the Siemens Mainstream Engineering Global Technical Enablement team in 2018, with the primary objective of focusing on the new Solid Edge Electrical Design products. In addition to providing product expertise to customers, Kevin assists with creating and distributing marketing, sales, and presales collateral. Kevin has been involved in design, engineering, and manufacturing for the past 25 years. A large amount of Kevin’s time has been spent working in the CAD/PLM industry. This has been a combination of working for channel partners and at vendor level. Kevin has also worked within the additive manufacturing industry for a number of years.

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