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Integrating CAD data from multiple sources

Solving challenges around multicad data use


Integration of multicad data

In this webinar, we’ll review the three primary CAD data integration types that engineers and designers are tasked with, the challenges that these integration present, and practical solutions to address them. You’ll learn how to address:

  • The impact of different geometric modeling kernels
  • Reusing legacy 2D drawings
  • Opening individual files in multi-cad formats
  • Handling bulk data migration
  • And possibilities to avoid data translations!

In addition to covering best practices, we’ll show you the native tools within Solid Edge that make working with 3rd party CAD data fast and easy, advanced migration tools for larger migrations, and new technologies like CAD Direct and Xcelerator Share, which take your collaborative design to the next level.

Reusing multi-CAD data including 3D CAD models and legacy 2D drawings

Manufacturers often need to re-use CAD data that has been created in multi-CAD formats. Several different methods are available to integrate this data into you product development lifecycle. These methods include individual and bulk file translations and other methods that avoid the need for data translation.

Direct translation: Open file

Whether you are working with files from a legacy system, from a partner, or a supplier, using multi-cad data often involves frustration or re-creation. But what if working with a file in a non-native format was as simple as clicking open? We’ll show you how easy it can be to edit many different file types, without losing design intent or recreating geometry.

Bulk data migration

We’ll also cover the challenge of a bulk migration – whether you are moving from a legacy system to a new system, or integrating two previously disparate organizations, a migration of larger volume of files can be a monumental task. We’ll demonstrate advanced data migration tools that can make migrating even the largest batches of data a breeze. Easily migrate parts, assemblies, and drawings, including the links between these entities

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

David Chadwick

Business Development Manager

Dave is focused on industry solutions from the Solid Edge portfolio. David has 30 years of application engineering, project management and marketing experience and has been involved in many successful PLM implementations in small and medium sized manufacturing organizations globally.

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