On-Demand Webinar

Integrating electrical and mechanical harness design


As design complexity continues to grow the pressure on electrical and mechanical design teams does as well. To ensure deadlines are met it is imperative that time is not wasted on fixing mistakes or redundant tasks. Optimizing the integration between the electrical and mechanical domains can help mitigate these issues. Wiring data can be sent from VeSys to an MCAD environment (such as NX) giving the mechanical engineer all the necessary information to complete routing. The wire lengths can then be passed back to VeSys to conduct more accurate simulation and analysis to enhance product quality. The 3D harness topology can also be repurposed by importing it into VeSys where it is flattened into a 2D representation. Enabling teams to share electrical and mechanical designs reduces potential errors induced by recreating data as well as the time necessary to create it, in turn also reducing time to market.

What you will learn in this webinar

  • Which MCAD tools VeSys supports integration with
  • How to send wiring information from VeSys to NX
  • How to import wire lengths from NX into VeSys
  • How to import the 3D harness into VeSys

Who might be interested in electrical and mechanical harness design

  • Electrical systems and harness designers looking to upgrade from their current toolset
  • Mechanical engineers working on 2D/3D harness design
  • Managers looking to enhance collaboration between their electrical and mechanical design teams