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Speed up innovation in Consumer Products Industry with Integrated Program & Lifecycle Management


Speed up innovation in Consumer Products Industry with Integrated Program & Lifecycle Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how your company can launch more product initiatives to market with integrated program and lifecycle management. Our experts will share how to transform your organization and help understand how processes and roles interact between various stages and functions. This includes brand hierarchy management, ideation, program management, project collaboration and product lifecycle management.

Benefits include:

  • 3x faster project initialization
  • 40% less redundant assets created during product development
  • 15% reduction of non-value adding efforts during project execution
  • 50% increase in product variant capacity in development

In this on-demand webinar about integrated program & lifecycle management, we have the answers to your questions:

  • Do you know which projects do not meet expectations?
  • Are your designers aware of what idea is driving the new product development?
  • Can you penetrate new markets without having to re-create most of your assets?
  • How quickly can you establish a new process to support multiple disciplines working collaboratively?
  • How fast is your fast track?

Meet our expert:

Frank Brandau

Frank is Director of Consumer Products & Retail at Siemens Digital Industries Software, responsible for interdepartmental cooperation within Siemens including sales, services and product development. Provides technical leadership on large, complex customer initiatives offering architectural oversight, a broad solution overview and market value definitions based on having more than 12 years of experience working with prospects and customers in CPG/FMCG and related domains and 20 years of experience with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Strong knowledge about industry and recommended/best practices.