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Integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) from concept to consumer

Estimated Watching Time: 38 minutes


Industry-leading integrated PLM for electronic manufacturers

Keeping pace with increasingly complex electronics systems and consumer demands is a challenging task. Electronics manufacturers make significant investments in engineering teams, software tools and technology to support every engineering discipline that drives product innovation.

But how well do those design tools and processes work together and how efficiently are they integrated into the business?

Learn why integration and collaboration are essential components for successful digital transformation in this on demand webinar.

Taking control of product data and processes in electronics systems design

Product lifecycle management is more than just bill of material (BOM) and product data management. Integrate data, processes, business systems and resources to:

  • Plan and design from requirements to product to end-of-life
  • Realize a seamless transition from virtual to physical
  • Optimize using data-driven insights and analytics for continuous improvement

Take control of product data and processes by ensuring easy access and visibility for everyone across your business, by connecting them across functional silos. Watch this webinar to learn more.

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