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Integrating labeling systems with medical device manufacturing processes


Integrating labeling systems with medical device manufacturing processes

In this webinar, industry experts from Siemens Digital Industries Software and PRISYM ID discuss how standards-based interfaces in the global application landscape can make your labeling more efficient and agile. Speakers will dive into topics surrounding the best practices, compliance, control and integration of global labeling systems (GLS).

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Gain knowledge of best practice advice on integrated labeling system architecture
  • Understand why PLM, MOM and GLS solutions are linked
  • Get insight into controlling process flows for creation, approval and change of product and label data
  • Realize why integrating labeling as a core discipline is key to your manufacturing process

Integrated labeling system best practices and industry advice

In a 2021 World Health Organization report, there are more than 130 countries that have a national medical device regulatory. This means that medical device manufacturers must navigate continuous regulatory change to different aspects of the product development process, such as labeling. If manufacturers fail to keep up to date on each of their products and their geographies, there is a large risk of noncompliance.

There are many factors that make integrated labeling systems even more important today:

  • Operational complexity
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • More personalization and consumerization
  • Fragmented IT

Watch the webinar to learn why end-to-end labeling is critical in the medical device industry.

Aligning medical device PLM, MOM, and GLS solutions to ensure regulatory labeling compliance

Siemens has built a medical device solution to support product data models in line with industry norms. To meet customer offering and printing expectations, Siemens has formed a partnership with PRISYM ID in two key areas:

  • Label design, UDI records and discrete label objects
  • Electronic design history records (eDHR) and label production

The first area focuses on the specialization of label authoring to support UDI and label content definition re-use. This is an integrated PLM and GLS solution to couple UDI records and label data management to GLS authoring and production specification capabilities. The second area focuses on cooperation of print inspection management through GLS into production control as record keeping of the MES system.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the bigger picture when it comes to aligning medical device solutions.