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Integrated design for consumer goods


Integrated design for consumer goods

The consumer goods market is rapidly changing.

This rapid change is driving the design process in terms of:

  • Need to increase design collaboration
  • Need to reduce silos of information
  • Need to embrace lot sizes of 1

You need an integrated next generation design solution.

Advantages of an interdisciplinary approach for consumer goods

Today we live in a world of digitally connected products. The products can adapt to their use and provide feedback to their operators as to the health of the system. Companies require solutions that can bring the electrical and mechanical domains together to enable a true interdisciplinary design approach.

Hear from the experts who share examples of consumer product innovation

Hear how Polar was able to balance size, weight, ergonomics, functionality, power management, aesthetics and survivability.

Successful new product development in food industry

The industry is adapting to the changing needs and increased complexity of products. Customers are looking at ways to battle complexity and gain a competitive advantage in new product development.

Siemens is embracing that challenge with a comprehensive digital twin, openness, and a way for customers to rapidly adopt new technology.