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Innovating food & beverage production using advanced multiscale simulation tools

Enhance product development with multiscale computational chemistry to optimize formulations and processing

Estimated Watching Time: 55 minutes


Snapshots of the simulation of the uptake of oil molecules (blue) into an aqueous solution containing plant-based proteins (purple) used to virtual screen for the optimal formulation of medical nutrient solutions

The global market for food and beverage products is undergoing transformative changes. Public demand and regulatory requirements are calling for a radical industry overhaul. The push for healthier products with new ingredients is accelerating, and reliance on historical data alone is no longer sufficient to understand all the processing steps involved. This webinar will address these challenges head-on. We’ll demonstrate how to construct digital models of new food ingredients and recipes at the multiscale molecular level. You’ll see how these models can be leveraged through molecular simulation and AI/ML techniques to obtain key properties, tackling processing challenges and enhancing stability and shelf life.

Webinar Takeaways: Mastering Formulation and Process Optimization

In this webinar, computational chemists, biochemists, data scientists, and chemical process engineers will discover how to:

  • Select and optimize food and beverage formulations to avoid processing issues.
  • Thoroughly screen and evaluate formulations, optimizing key properties for peak performance.
  • Acquire in-depth molecular insights to bridge knowledge gaps in the processing phase.
  • Digitally design and refine formulations for the food and beverage industry.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jan-Willem Handgraaf

Senior Technical Product Manager

Dr. Handgraaf has over 15 years of experience in industry and has co-authored close to 50 academic publications. He holds a master degree in theoretical chemistry and a PhD in Computational Chemistry and an MBA degree . Until recently, he was as Chief Application Scientist part of the management team of Culgi B.V., a software and services company based in Leiden, the Netherlands, with a focus on industrial multiscale modeling and is now a senior technical product manager responsible for the Simcenter Culgi product and team.

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