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Smart Manufacturing for Electronics


Smart Manufacturing for Electronics

What if you could know that your design can be made and that production is performing as you planned it with near perfect quality?
We believe that there is a much better way to make products. And our big idea is to use the Digital Twin to achieve entirely new levels of product innovation, as well as manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness, while eliminating risk and maximizing performance.

In the electronics market today, we see the following major trends and challenges that you face and that Siemens and smart manufacturing can help you to successfully address:

  • Electronics providers have to find better ways to support more, accelerated, higher quality New Product Introductions.
  • The cost of product development, including production, is increasing.
  • Customers want more personalization in the electronics products that they buy.
  • Companies are having to serve an expanding and more diverse electronics market today.

Siemens is helping electronics manufacturers like you make the “Digital Leap” and realize greater efficiencies by merging the real and virtual worlds.

Compared to conventional approaches digitalization, the digital thread, and the Digital Twin answers the toughest questions so you know the best way to realize your product, both now and in the future… that is smart manufacturing.

Learn how companies such as HP, ASML, Zollner, Haier and Siemens itself are benefiting from smart manufacturing today.

This webinar is conducted in English.