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Innovation in marine design: CFD technology for seakeeping success


Innovation in marine design

In today’s drive for efficiency and performance, relying on towing tank tests of physical, scaled ship models is no longer necessary. The shift toward using CFD technology brings many advantages over traditional methods, when analyzing performance predictions and optimizing the design of vessels. Individual forces and motions can be accurately analyzed since it models the vessel at full size, including all appendages.

Simulation technology for seakeeping analysis

In this webinar, Cape Horn Engineering presents how Siemens CFD technology is used at the forefront of new designs for yachts, commercial ships and renewable energy structures. Hear how they analyze aerodynamic and hydrodynamic performance and use automation to test multiple design configurations and run hundreds of simulations a day. Their CFD studies and seakeeping analysis are used for performance predictions and design optimization to increase speed, improve fuel consumption, ensure safety and comfort, and reduce emissions.

Pitching of ship demonstration

Industry leader Cape Horn Engineering uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for advanced aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis. Watch expert pitching of ship demonstration and listen to how variables are used to extract valuable information in design. View this on-demand presentation now to also hear how CFD simulations of propulsion, seakeeping and maneuvering studies can improve performance for maritime vessels.

Futuristic boat design

The future of the marine industry is being designed now. Learn how CFD is used in the design optimization of wind-assisted ship propulsion and floating offshore wind structures and how futuristic boat design is on the horizon for boating leaders. From this webinar you will also learn more on why CFD simulations are replacing traditional physical testing for most applications. Access the presentation now!

Meet the speaker

Cape Horn Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo Azcueta

Managing Director

Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo Azcueta, is a leading CFD specialist consultant and marine engineering expert, renowned for his design support to naval architects and yacht design teams around the world.As Head of hydrodynamic CFD for four America’s Cup Challenges, Azcueta has built his reputation upon a racing pedigree and winning formula over the last two decades. His involvement in the designs of Volvo Ocean Race Campaigns has resulted in three consecutive wins.The range of CFD services at Cape Horn Engineering also support the broader maritime industry and renewable energy sector. He is dedicated to reducing shipping emissions and improving air pollution for a more sustainable future.

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