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Industrial robot optimization with Kineo software components


Industrial robot optimization with Kineo software components

In this webinar, Siemens and AMADA-ISE present the latest advances in software-driven industrial robot optimization.

Demand for digital manufacturing software applications is set to increase as suppliers enhance productivity and safeguard against a shortage of skilled on-premise workers. New software technologies for machine automation are emerging to deliver safer and more efficient machines that are easier for users to program and control.

Siemens’ KineoWorks technology enhances the simulation, control and performance of industrial robots. Collision-free robot motion is computed automatically to enhance safety, reduce cycle times and optimize energy consumption. The performance of sophisticated robot cable systems, comprised of electrical wiring and pneumatic hoses, can be simulated at the same time with Kineo Flexible Cables to predict behavior and extend the lifetime of cables on the factory floor.

Kineo software components: customer and supplier perspectives

Kineo software components are embedded in digital manufacturing applications to solve complex motion planning and cable simulation tasks with a minimum of user interaction. This dramatically reduces robot set-up and programming for end-users. AMADA-ISE has integrated KineoWorks into their highly specialized CAM software to realize the benefits for collision-free motion planning. Please watch now to discover:

  • How robot-based manufacturing is accelerated with KineoWorks software by automating and simplifying the optimization of collision-free paths and trajectories
  • How the performance of robot cable systems on the factory floor can be predicted and enhanced with Kineo Flexible Cables software
  • Why AMADA-ISE selected KineoWorks for its specialized CAM software to enhance manufacturing productivity in the sheet metal sector

Kineo software components are designed for integration into end-user applications. The discussion will be well suited to CxOs and Product Managers working for independent software vendors, robotics systems integrators and OEMs, or corporate in-house software development departments.

Meet the Speakers

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Etienne Ferré

Director of R&D, Kineo Components

Etienne Ferré manages the Research and Development team for Kineo Software components. He joined the Kineo CAM company at its creation in 2001 as CTO, playing an integral role in the company’s evolution from a 4-person start-up until its acquisition by Siemens in 2012. His knowledge of path planning and collision detection has allowed him to publish numerous scientific articles in innovative algorithms for industrial applications in robotics and digital mock-up.

AMADA Innovative Software Europe

Kaori Kachi

Product manager

Kaori Kachi is the Product Manager of the robotized bending CAM products of AMADA INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE EUROPE. Born and raised in Tokyo, she started her career at IBM Japan. In 1996 she moved to Italy and joined EDIST and was involved in robotized machine CAM systems. In 2002 she joined ERXA, and over the course of her 15 years there has expanded her experience with different CAM system and automation technologies from robot manipulation, to welding and bending. After ERXA was acquired by AMADA group in 2014, establishing AMADA INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE EUROPE, Kaori Kachi has had Product Management responsibilities for robotized bending CAM systems under AMADA Japanese directives, and based on the internal common platform, where KINEO SW has been successfully integrated.