On-Demand Webinar

Industrializing Additive Manufacturing for Production Parts


Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers tremendous opportunities for innovations in manufacturing operations. In order to realize the full potential of additive manufacturing, companies must employ a robust process that integrates design, engineering, manufacturing planning, and production functions.

Additive Manufacturing Workflow

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into how Siemens is meeting this challenge on the manufacturing software side.

  • Find out how a tightly integrated system reduces the complexity of the additive manufacturing process.
  • Realize the efficiency improvements from 3D nesting of parts in the build tray.
  • Understand how industrial additive manufacturing requires an integrated, associative solution for build tray setup and support structure generation.
  • Learn how the setup of the build tray can make or break the cost-effectiveness of a print.

Having an industrialized additive manufacturing process is the key to realizing the full potential of additive manufacturing. This webinar is the third in a series, showing how Siemens is at the forefront of this new technology and how the products we provide can help you and your company to realize the potential of additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing on the Shop Floor

Our shop floor management software with additive manufacturing allows you to manage material usage and shop floor operations, end-to-end solution for the design, simulation, print, and operations stages of the additive manufacturing process.

The design tools allow you to create truly innovative parts for printing. Simulation tools let you know if those parts will perform properly in the field. Comprehensive 3D printing software simulates the print process to anticipate issues before connecting directly to print hardware. Finally, shop floor management software allows you to manage material usage and shop floor operations. This all adds up to a complete software solution for truly industrial additive manufacturing.