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Sheet metal engineering and sheet metal fabrication machines

Estimated Watching Time: 30 minutes


A complex sheet metal part design tries to maximize material usage and minimize waste.

Building today’s bigger, more complex industrial machinery often begins with sheet metal fabrication – forming the necessary parts.

Designing these parts quickly and efficiently requires a design tool capable of empowering design engineers to increase productivity and reduce waste.

Watch this webinar replay and learn how users can accomplish more with their design in a short amount of time using the best software for sheet metal design.

Attendees will see how the software can take a completed design and help users nest all the needed parts together to reduce the amount of waste.

Sheet metal design software

NX sheet metal design software is tailored specifically to meet the needs of sheet metal fabrication machines.

Sheet metal design software focuses on creating accurate patterns quickly to build the parts needed for industrial machinery.

By using the best software for sheet metal design, machine builders can design and manufacture more complex designs more quickly to meet customer demands.

Sheet metal forming simulation

Sheet metal fabrication estimating software can help to minimize waste and improve parts production efficiency.

When design engineers use sheet metal forming simulation early in the process, it can help to reduce the number of defects like wrinkles, splits, cracks, and other flaws.

Watch this webinar replay and see how NX can help users design the most effective parts the first time.

Sheet metal product design experts

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from two sheet metal product design experts who have been helping companies streamline their business for a combined total of more than 60 years.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Scott Felber

NX Marketing Manager

Scott Felber has worked for Siemens Digital Industries Software for more than three decades. As the NX Design Product Marketing Manager, he helps customers integrate Siemens software products into their processes and get the most out of their design solutions.
Scott helps customers maximize the use of their data in upstream and downstream processes to bring the value of the digital twin to life. He also works with customers to transform their businesses and processes by identifying nonvalue activities and finding ways to eliminate them.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dave Walker

Senior Technical Product Manager

Dave joined Siemens in 2011 with more than 30 years of mechanical engineering experience in multiple industries, including consumer electronics, renewable energy and network infrastructure. He’s worked for large corporations, SMEs, startups, and as a consultant for high and low volume products with experience in multiple different CAD systems.
As a Senior Technical Software Product Manager, he defines the direction of Siemens NX software for numerous applications, including NX Sheet Metal and NX 2D Nesting.

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