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Use thermal transient testing and simulation to increase electronics reliability


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High-power Si and SiC MOSFETs and Si IGBTs have become the key building blocks of power conversion systems over the last decade. As they are driving electrification across multiple industries, there is an increased need for higher power operation, better efficiency, and in most cases high and predictable reliability. With temperature being the key factor to achieve reliable operation, new materials and improved package designs are being developed. The dual-sided cooled power modules are one of these.

In this webinar, you will learn the three Ts (Thermal Transient Testing) and what makes it essential to characterize the junction temperature and heat conduction path of power modules. You also will learn how to properly test and simulate the thermal performance of complex power semiconductor package types. If you know how to calibrate thermal simulation models, you will better understand the usage of test-based data.

If you work in power semiconductor design, packaging, reliability, or quality or use these devices in application areas such as automotive, aerospace, or heavy equipment electrification, this presentation will provide valuable insights to tackle the challenges the dual-sided cooled power module characterization poses.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to properly test and simulate the thermal performance of complex power semiconductor package types.
  • Discover how to analyze the thermal structure when there are two different heat flow paths.
  • Explore the use of test-based data to calibrate thermal simulation models accurately.
  • Understand how to use these models for system-level simulations.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Joe Proulx

Application Engineer

Joe Proulx has worked with Siemens, Mentor Graphics Corporation, and Flomerics since 2005, specializing in thermal and fluid flow analysis and has over 25 years of experience as a thermal engineer in the industry. He has garnered extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) experience in electronics cooling analysis and more than 10+ years specializing in thermal transient test measurement for thermal characterization of semiconductors and reliability assessment. Joe has several patents-pending in package thermal modeling and validation subjects, and he contributes to IEEE and SAE conference papers for power electronics reliability and thermal simulation subjects.