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Learn how to overcome the four challenges to adopting a flexible manufacturing system

Research shows that business leaders have four distinct expectations when they transform their manufacturing operations


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Lifecycle Insights recently performed a survey of small and mid-sized manufacturers to learn more about the challenges they face and the steps they are taking to meet those challenges. This survey spanned multiple countries and reached over 250 key decision makers.

What drives innovation?

We asked decision makers on what has or is driving your company to improve manufacturing. We received the following as most critical:

  • Competition and time and cost to market
  • Customer schedules and product requirements
  • Regulations and certification requirements
  • Supplier capabilities

What changes when manufacturing improves?

When the surveyed decision makers were asked about their expectations for implementing these changes, we received the following as most critical:

  • Improve profit margins
  • Improving overall equipment effectiveness of their factory
  • Increased output with more automation
  • Improve skillset of employees

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Rahul Garg

Vice President of Industrial Machinery

Rahul Garg joined Siemens more than two decades ago. In that time, he’s held multiple positions, but his primary objective has always been the same – help his customers succeed by delivering powerful, effective solutions that support their business goals. As Vice President of Industrial Machinery, Rahul delivers Siemens Industrial Machinery software solutions to help manufacturers develop competitive products, fill portfolio gaps, and create effective go-to-market strategies and business practices.

Lifecycle Insights

Arvind Krishnan

Senior Industry Analyst

Arvind Krishnan is a senior industry analyst with Lifecycle Insights with more than two decades of experience in working with digital solutions for design and manufacturing. Arvind covers design, simulation, product lifecycle management, and smart manufacturing for Lifecycle Insights and is also interested in technology-led sustainability initiatives. Prior to his position as an industry analyst, Arvind worked in product management in simulation and computer-aided design. As a part of the Lifecycle Insights analyst team, Arvind imparts an independent and insightful voice on digital transformation in design.

Swoosh Technologies

John Vincent

Technical Support Manager and Application Engineer

John’s impressive working background in the tooling industry (including ATI Forge and Krones, Inc) gives him a plethora of knowledge in BOMs, CNC programming, mill/turns, and postprocessor development. As a result, his understanding on what it takes to efficiently produce parts with 2-, 4-, and 5-axis lathes makes him one of our highly sought-after NX CAM mentors and instructors at Swoosh.

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