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Increase productivity & get more value from IIoT data for manufacturing

Data is the new economy – hear how manufacturers can increase production and predict problems with IIoT data

Estimated Watching Time: 59 minutes


Man working on factory line

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) provides insight into manufacturing processes through hardware and software that works together. The degree to which IIoT is implemented is scalable and flexible, enabling progressive adoption by small and medium businesses. In this webinar, Mike Denley shares what Lifecycle Insights found in its recent survey of manufacturers. His expertise sheds light on how IIoT can impact your business and provide a flexible manufacturing environment.

Hurdles to IIoT adoption

The majority of respondents to a recent survey said that their business faced the following issues that slowed their adoption of IIoT:

  • Uncertainty. My company is unsure of what changes to pursue and does not have the time to investigate.
  • Technology costs. The cost of technology solutions is too high (software, hardware, training, consulting, etc.)
  • People-related costs: The cost of implementing changes for people is too high (hiring new employees, organizational changes, training, etc.)
  • Potential work disruption: The potential disruption to ongoing projects is too risky
  • So how do we get past these issues and move towards a future where IIoT plays a significant role in how manufacturers accelerate transformation?

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear directly from Lifecycle Insights about their findings.

Meet the speakers

Lifecycle Insights

Arvind Krishnan

Senior Industry Analyst

Arvind Krishnan is a senior industry analyst with Lifecycle Insights with more than two decades of experience in working with digital solutions for design and manufacturing. Arvind covers design, simulation, product lifecycle management, and smart manufacturing for Lifecycle Insights and is also interested in technology-led sustainability initiatives. Prior to his position as an industry analyst, Arvind worked in product management in simulation and computer-aided design. As a part of the Lifecycle Insights analyst team, Arvind imparts an independent and insightful voice on digital transformation in design.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mike Denley

Senior director portfolio management

Mike leads the development and coordination of strategic key Industrial IoT programs and initiatives to increase and improve outcomes involving product, customers and partners working with Enterprise Product Management, Research & Development and Strategic Partners. Mike has held many leadership roles with a variety of responsibilities across software-focused Product Development, Product Management, Project Management & Operations. His academic and industry experience includes graduate and post-graduate work in Total Quality Management, Software Design & Development, Organizational Change, Lean Six Sigma and Business Analytics with a focus in Sustainability. Additionally, Mike is active in the community volunteering time with non-profit organizations and local efforts.

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