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Apply 3D reduced order IC package thermal simulation models for electronics cooling design


An engineer observing the topography of a chip on their desktop computer

Increasingly, modern Integrated Circuit (IC) package architectures such as 2.5D, 3D IC, or chiplet-based designs require both 3-dimensional (3D) thermal simulation both in their development, and then careful thermal management design consideration must be performed during integration into electronics products to ensure performance. Attend this webinar to learn how Siemens’ Embeddable BCI-ROM technology supports accurate, secure IC package thermal simulation across the electronics supply chain.

You will explore how Siemens new Embeddable Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Model (BCI-ROM) technology in Simcenter Flotherm allows a semiconductor company to generate an accurate model that can be shared with their clients for use in high-fidelity 3D steady state and transient thermal analysis, without exposing the IC’s internal physical structure. Learn through several examples around multi-die IC package thermal simulation how this helps eliminate barriers to collaboration between companies to improve thermal analysis efficiency to ultimately bring reliable products to market faster.

Key highlights:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) related barriers to thermal analysis workflows
  • What is Embeddable BCI-ROM technology in Simcenter Flotherm software
  • Accurate transient thermal analysis and multi-die package modeling
  • How to generate and use reduced order 3D thermal models
  • Examples covered include: BGA in a smartphone, multiple ICs on a PCB, and a chiplet on a substrate/interposer.
  • Comparing accuracy to existing typical approaches

The presentation will capture the attention of semiconductor product managers, thermal engineers in both semiconductor and electronics companies, and electronics hardware engineering managers.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Byron Blackmore

Product Manager

Byron is a Product Manager for the Simcenter Flotherm product line at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Byron received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1998 and a Master’s degree from the University of Alberta in 2000.