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What is low code?


Digital representation of data points with applications

A successful digital transformation is critical for industrial manufacturing companies, including the heavy equipment industry. Yet, many companies who attempt to change legacy processes experience detrimental gaps in their software ecosystem.

Low code application development bridges the gap between the expert and the IT specialist. When implemented correctly, using low code can mitigate the increased business risk that arises with a new level of complexity and increase in data.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about overcoming these challenges and the benefits of low code application development.

Access to digitalization tools

Low code development gives people without technical expertise access to digitalization tools, speeding the development process by abstracting and automating tasks across the application lifecycle. As a result, businesses may become more agile by proficiently updating legacy systems and reducing IT backlogs.

Using low code app development will:

  • Increase software development agility
  • Support evolving business needs
  • Facilitate a collaborative environment

Digital execution plans for manufacturing industries

With low code applications, manufacturing industries can finally leverage their data by quickly and easily building personalized apps that meet the needs of individual users.

Check out this on-demand webinar and learn more about the four pillars a holistic digital execution plan should consider to ensure success.

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