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Manufacturing simulation software for heavy equipment engineering


Accelerate Heavy Equipment Engineering with Integrated Simulation and Testing

Accelerate your heavy equipment engineering digital transformation with a combined simulation and testing approach using manufacturing simulation software.

Evolving regulations, population growth and related needs (food, housing, energy), workforce shortages, and, finally, more versatile working environments are the trends that shape the heavy equipment industry. These market dynamics challenge engineering departments of all sub-industries, whether agricultural, construction, mining, or material handling.

Engineers are challenged to develop innovative yet competitive technologies and quickly bring a product to the market while maintaining quality and cost standards.

Watch Gaétan Bouzard, Simcenter heavy equipment industry lead, during this webinar he discusses the key areas where simulation & testing solutions can support your machine development process to keep leading the innovation race. Break engineering silos and discover how synergies between both simulation & testing approaches can improve your business.

Challenges for engineers in the heavy equipment industries

From more stringent noise regulations to the need for localized customization, heavy equipment manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with changing laws, evolving technology, and customer needs.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Exploring innovative technologies and accelerating their validation to frontload certifications
  • Collecting real-world data to provide operators with durable and reliable machines ready for the field
  • Embracing inherent complexity to deliver an integrated system with the most balanced performances

Simcenter simulation and testing solutions

Heavy equipment manufacturers are using Siemens simulation technology to explore:

  • Power source alternatives: Understand how simulation can help to frontload pollutant emissions certification for all machine configurations
  • Operator comfort and safety: Check out simulation & testing can help address various operator challenges linked to NVH, dynamics ergonomics, or thermal aspects
  • Machine durability and structural integrity: Thanks to a combined test and simulation approach, learn how to predict machine dynamics over realistic load conditions
  • Precise production technologies: Discover all the various areas where simulation can help develop more precise actuation or controlled systems

Watch this webinar to learn more about how you can accelerate your heavy equipment digital transformation.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industry Software

Gaétan Bouzard

Simcenter Heavy Equipment Industry Lead

Gaétan is the Heavy Equipment industry lead at Siemens Digital Industries Software. His responsibilities consist of capturing Siemens customers’ needs to feed solution portfolio strategies and drive selected integrated solution prototyping as well as innovation initiatives, ensuring Siemens Simulation & Test solutions answer today the engineering challenges of tomorrow.

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