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So you have a great idea - now what? | Session 8


So you have a great idea - now what? | Session 8

Learn how to overcome common pitfalls and bring your product to market successfully.

A great idea is just the beginning. But how do you take your product from concept to market? In this eight-part Startup podcast series, product development expert John Devitry will share a personal example to show you what to do (and what to avoid) when making your idea a reality.Register today; you will learn how to go from first ideas over legal business set up to 3D prototyping in eight sessions.

Session 8 of 8: Manufacturing, marketing & cost fine-tuning

In this eighth session, you will learn how to:
  • Manage after a successful market entry
  • Prevent a faulty design before it’s too late
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Understand the costs of features and prevent too many parts
  • Feel satisfied with your product regardless of the outcome
You will also learn about the differences between:
  • Engineering R&D vs. full-scale production
  • Boutique vs. mass market sales
About John DevitryJohn taught classes in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Utah State University for over 10 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. His courses at Udemy are quite popular, having over 58K subscribers.Watch all available sessions:

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