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Geometric modeling: Why Parasolid’s in good shape


Geometric modeling: Why Parasolid’s in good shape

3D geometric modeling needs continuous innovation to meet the requirements of additive manufacturing, generative design, and other cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques. At the same time, geometric modelers should take advantage of new and improved computing environments.

All advances in geometric modeling functionality across supported platforms have to be delivered without regressions in quality and performance for the broad range of software applications on which the geometric modeler is based.

Geometric modeling innovation and quality: customer and supplier perspectives

<p>In this webinar, Siemens and its customer, Shapr3D will present technological advances and quality considerations in geometric modeling with Parasolid.

Join us to discover:

  • How new design and editing capabilities support B-rep, facet, and lattice models
  • Why we invest the same thought and effort into developing quality processes as we do into developing functionality
  • How Shapr3D’s experience with Parasolid functionality and support enabled an early deployment of Parasolid on Apple Silicon

The discussion will be ideally suited to CxOs, product managers, and application developers in software development companies, as well as industry commentators.

Meet the speaker


István Csanady


István has been a massive CAD nerd for years. Finally, he decided 'enough is enough' and built his own application. Shapr3D is a new way of thinking and designing and has become one of the flagship iPad Pro apps.