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System simulation: exploring solutions for turbine design


System simulation: exploring solutions for turbine design

Discover how to simulate complete turbine systems and increase productivity in your turbine design process.

Gas turbines are an integral part of power generation networks. Changing energy generation patterns and increased competition means that turbines must operate more efficiently than ever. The next generation of turbines are complex systems, or even systems of systems: how can you understand the performance of the complete turbine system?

In this webinar, learn how 1D simulation is used for gas turbine performance analysis. Discover how 1D simulation tools are used throughout the gas turbine to predict the performance of different systems and processes. This approach gives you a greater understanding of turbine system performance through increased realism. Hear how to use this tool over a wide range of turbine applications, including primary airflow, secondary airflow systems, whole engine modeling, and control validation.

What will I learn in this webinar?

Watch this webinar to learn how 1D simulation tool can be used throughout the gas turbine for different systems and processes. In all cases, this approach gives a greater understanding of turbine system performance. Topics covered include:

  • What 1D simulation is, and how it can be applied in gas turbine design
  • Primary airflow and combustion
  • Secondary air systems
  • Fuel and auxiliary systems
  • Control validation and co-generation systems

The presenters use industry examples to show how our solutions bring increased realism to your turbine performance investigations.

This webinar will be of interest to those interested in secondary air systems, whole engine modeling or turbine performance

The topics covered will be useful to anyone involved in the gas turbine industry or associated sectors. The presentations will be useful to turbine engineers who want to increase their understanding of 1D simulation tools for gas turbine performance analysis. The speakers give insight into modeling and simulation of gas turbine operations, including primary and secondary air systems, whole engine modeling, and integration into power networks.

Our solutions help you to ensure efficient and reliable power generation

1D simulation is just one part of our solutions for gas turbine design and power generation. Driven by the changing needs of the energy market, gas turbines must become more efficient and reliable while working under new flexible operating patterns. At the same time, to stay competitive, turbines must become cheaper to manufacture and operate. Our simulation tools are designed specifically to speed up gas turbine projects, enabling you to create innovative, efficient designs in shorter time frames. By exploring turbine performance digitally, you can reduce expensive testing time and gain confidence in your products early in the design cycles. We provide a complete portfolio of simulation tools, including CAD, FEA, CFD, and 1D systems, which work together seamlessly.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Stephane Mouvand

Business Development Manager

Stephane has extensive experience in using 1D simulation software, having worked in both support and pre-sales. In his current role Stephane leads 1D simulation deployment for the aerospace industry and supports sales and marketing teams in integrating 1D simulation into Product Lifecycle Management.