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Speed up formulation and validation using product design software

Capitalize on R&D potential using formulated product design software

Estimated Watching Time: 35 minutes


Transform recipes into successful products: Speed up your formulation and validation

Capitalize on R&D potential using formulated product design software

Respond effectively to emerging market trends and maintain a competitive edge through flexible, efficient, and comprehensive formulated product data management.

Watch this 35-minute session to hear from our experts on how an integrated platform allows for fast-paced value-added innovation by creating a digital thread from idea generation to startup and production. Formulated product design software allows companies in the food and beverage industry to capitalize on their R&D potential, develop new products more efficiently and bring these products to market faster.

Supplier collaboration allows for a seamless partnership

It has never been more difficult to create new formulas. The science, collaboration, and orchestration must be meticulously documented and managed in order to keep proper records and institutionalize knowledge sharing. To successfully manage multiple products across your organization, you must have a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities to support formulated product design and the science behind it.

Supplier collaboration allows you to involve a supplier in the development process to save time and money by allowing them to update their raw material and package specification data on a regular basis, allowing you to streamline and optimize all R&D-related processes and align them with manufacturing. The seamless integration and alignment of R&D and manufacturing data and processes accelerate the transition of final product designs to mass production significantly.

Laboratory management for consumer-packaged goods

Quality control (QC) labs must ensure overall product conformity and quality while minimizing costs. R&D labs are a company's source of innovation and help to accelerate the introduction of new products. Product quality data must be accurate, secure, and always available.

Manufacturers will go to any length to avoid releasing unsafe, low-quality products into the market due to the risk of recalls and the resulting company and brand damage. By utilizing solution capabilities such as Laboratory information management to ensure product conformity and quality at the lowest cost, you can enable a rapid exchange of quality information along the production workflow, covering multiple sites and involving different departments.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tyler Newcombe

Solution Consultant for Consumer Products & Retail

Tyler Newcombe has 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry working with product development, manufacturing, process engineering, specification management, value engineering and supply chain. Currently, Tyler is helping customers understand the power of the Digital Enterprise and how it can be deployed to transform an organization. He has a focus on specification management, formula development, R&D data management and laboratory information management as they connect and contextual the work completed by R&D.

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