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Fluid Flow Topology Optimization


Fluid Flow Topology Optimization

With the increased adoption of additive manufacturing, Topology Optimization is a technology whose time has come. Topology optimized parts often consist of surfaces that are difficult if not impossible to manufacture using traditional methods.

In the past, topology optimization was strictly used to optimize a part or system for weight or material usage. However, Siemens is introducing a new toolset as part of our STAR CCM+ solution set that allows designers to optimize part and system geometry for fluid flow efficiency.

This brings about entirely new possibilities for optimizing the efficiency of any system where fluid flow is a concern.

This webinar is full of useful information about how fluid flow topology optimization can revolutionize your designs!

  • Learn how fluid flow topology optimization works
  • Learn about applications of this awesome new technology
  • Learn how Siemens software can be used to turn optimized geometry into printable parts
  • Understand how Siemens and HP utilized this exciting new technology to optimize parts within the HP Printers

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Ashley Eckhoff

Additive Manufacturing Marketing Manager