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Fibersim Tutorials Webinar


The Composite Design course is structured to show you the basics of ply-based and multi-ply design methods of Fibersim Pro. Anyone with limited knowledge of composites and a working command of NX will benefit from this course.

The Composite Design course takes learners through:

  • Generate flat patterns, 2D and 3D documentation
  • Create overlay zones using Multi-Ply design method
  • Preparer a CAD model for Fibersim work
  • Create splice and dart groups

The Getting Started course takes the learner through:

  • Getting Started with Fibersim
  • Manual Ply Creation
  • Automated Ply Creation
  • Creation of Production Surfaces
  • Generation of Engineering Documentation
  • Application in Energy Domain
  • Application in Automotive Domain
  • Application in Aerospace Domain

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