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What's New in the Fibersim 17 Release


What's New in the Fibersim 17 Release

Enhancements to the latest version of the Fibersim™ portfolio (17) include forming for designers, planar cross-section improvements, publish to Teamcenter® software capability, and explicit layer splicing.

These improvements build on the addition of the parametric zone transition splitter introduced in Fibersim 16.1. With these enhancements to Fibersim 17, users will find a quicker path to composite forming, a more intuitive option for viewing planar cross-sections through the midplane of a ply, exposure of composite details and ply data to the enterprise, full support of manufacturing laminate workflow for all part types and a more robust multi-ply workflow.

This update makes Fibersim an enterprise integrated tool with forming, planar cross-section, and splicing capabilities, which places it at the forefront of the industry.