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Fast simulation or faster solutions? New paradigms for efficiently solving complex multiscale chemical problems

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Fast simulation or faster solutions? New paradigms for efficiently solving complex multiscale chemical problems

The chemical and process industry has relied on computational simulations for decades. These simulations help companies better understand, troubleshoot and predict real-world behaviors of their equipment and processes. More recently, computational power and modeling technique advancements have enabled the simulation of complex multiscale systems. These have benefited the chemical, pharmaceutical, bioprocessing and other related industries.

Join our webinar to learn how chemical simulation advancements help companies solve complicated multiscale problems more efficiently.

Why should you rely on advanced simulation methods

With growing competition in the fast-moving chemical and process industry, engineers must quickly address operational problems to meet production timelines. Shorter computational times alone are no longer sufficient. By focusing on a narrow aspect of a chemical problem, engineers risk neglecting the entire engineering workflow. Instead, chemists and process engineers must address issues holistically. Advanced simulation methods help solve complex multiscale problems while taking entire workflows into consideration.

Complex multiscale chemical modeling

This webinar will demonstrate how to reduce simulation time by:
  • Applying application-fitted methods and models
  • Decoupling time and length scales and combining different tools
  • Generating simplified models using ROM starting from detail models
  • Analyzing data efficiently
  • Using executable digital twins to bring the power of fast computational methods into operations

You will learn how to obtain reliable answers to complex engineering questions and solve complex multiscale chemical problems efficiently.

Meet the speakers

Meet the speakers

Astrid Walle CFDsolutions

Astrid Walle

Mechanical Engineer

Astrid Walle is a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and more than a decade of experience in applied fluid mechanics. She has held several positions in gas turbine aeromechanics, R&D and artificial intelligence development at Siemens Energy, Vattenfall SE and Rolls Royce. As a recognized industry expert, she started her own business - Astrid Walle CFDsolutions - and now focuses on projects at the interface of numerical simulation, data science and software development to bring these disciplines closer to each other.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Thomas Eppinger

Application Specialist

Thomas Eppinger is an application specialist for the chemical and process industries in the Software and Test Solution (STS) sub-segment of Siemens Digital Industry Software. In this role, he is responsible for expanding the use of CFD into new application areas, along with bridging the gap between software development and Simcenter STAR-CCM+ users. Thomas graduated from chemical and process engineering at TU Berlin and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of numerical simulation.

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