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Fast Food Restaurant Optimization: Enhancing Efficiency Through Adaptive Simulation


Fast-food Restaurant Simulation

In today's fast-paced dining landscape, achieving maximum throughput while maintaining lightning-fast service is essential. In this webinar you will discover innovative ways to enhance your fast-food restaurant's performance.

Join our experts as they guide you through the power of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) dynamic simulation models, capable of adapting to changing restaurant dynamics. Learn to harness real-world data for insights into customer behaviors and operational patterns. Dive into dynamic staffing strategies that maximize throughput without compromising service speed.

Master the art of restaurant efficiency and elevate your business. Reserve your spot for a more succesful future in the food service industry.

Learning Topics:

  • Adapting to the QSR Simulation Model: Explore how the dynamic simulation model adapts to process changes, menus, and layouts, providing rapid assessments of labor, equipment, and service impact.
  • Mastering Dynamic Staffing Strategies: Learn to optimize staffing levels throughout the day, ensuring peak efficiency without sacrificing service quality.
  • Real-World Insights through Data Integration: Discover how to utilize real-world data for accurate simulations and gain actionable insights to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Meet the speakers

Design Systems, Inc

Amanda Moore

Business Development

Amanda Moore has over 30 years of experience in complex manufacturing solutions, working with customers to bridge the gap between corporate strategic plans and manufacturing operations. Amanda has worked extensively with dynamic simulation projects to validate proposed changes and identify areas of production optimization. ssa Grefenstete is helping the health tech sector integrate and grow within the continuously shifting landscape.

Design Systems, Inc

Gabriel Carreno

Simulation Team Manager

Gabriel Carreno is an industrial engineering expert with 10 years of experience in discrete event simulation. Currently serving as the Simulation Team Manager at DSI, he leads the team in providing outstanding simulation services to clients in diverse industries such as automotive, food, defense, and healthcare. His vision is to continue leveraging the power of discrete event simulation to drive transformative change and help clients achieve their goals effectively.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Michael Walker

Portfolio Development Executive of Manufacturing Engineering

Michael Walker has over 42 years of experience in the manufacturing domain. For the last 27 years, Michael has worked at Siemens, most recently as a Portfolio Development Executive driving manufacturing solutions to address customer’s business challenges in a range of industries. Michael has also worked as a Solutions Consultant and SME for Siemens manufacturing products, providing technical support for workshops and benchmarks, and engaging in strategic executive level activities.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Keithley

Product Support Specialist

John Keithley is a Product Support Specialist at Siemens Digital Industries Software who has for 13 years helped organizations with the use of simulation software to optimize operations to reduce cycle times. John helps his customers then use optimized operations to gain new business or increase production without increasing head count.