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Extending the digital thread from design to manufacturing

Session 1

Estimated Watching Time: 51 minutes


testing in a medical laboratory

Join our comprehensive webinar series and explore strategies for maximizing data reuse, accelerating speed to market, and mitigating risks in New Product Development (NPD). Learn to seamlessly integrate requirements, risk management, and testing, creating a robust digital thread from design inputs to manufacturing transfer. Gain insights into holistic risk management with real-world use cases. The series also covers the efficient transfer of digital designs to manufacturing, highlighting how digitalization accelerates error-proofing, visually represents design transfer, and utilizes simulation to generate engineering information for a high-quality product digital twin. Understand how the design transfer digital thread has the potential to revolutionize the way manufacturers transfer designs to manufacturing, ensuring excellence in the NPD journey through compelling use cases and examples.

To access on-demand videos, please click on the links below:

Session 1: Extending the digital thread from design to manufacturing

Session 2: Accelerating error-proofing and visualize design transfer with digitalization

Attend this comprehensive two-part webinar series and discover how to seamlessly integrate risk management across the Total Product Lifecycle:

  • Seamlessly integrate risk management across the Total Product Lifecycle
  • Reduce business risk and improve submission timelines.
  • Simplify engineering change controls
  • Integrate, visualize, and communicate requirements, risk, and test strategies
  • Synchronize design history file with regulatory submissions
  • Set the stage for closed-loop digital quality and implement error-proofing in Design Transfer
  • Utilize simulation for verification and validation activities
  • Increase speed to market, enhance design transfer, and improve overall efficiency in product development

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Brent Roberts

Vice President of Life Sciences Strategy

Brent has worked in Technology and Life Science industries for the past 23 years in various, Engineering, Business Development, and End to End Supply Chain. Brent is the VP of Digital Evangelist /Transformation with Siemens Digital Industries Software. He evangelizes Siemens digital solutions from end-to-end across the portfolio in numerous Industry verticals. Prior to Siemens, Brent was the Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy for WL Gore's Medical Division where his focus was on evolving supply chain and manufacturing operations to take full advantage of the capabilities in today's digital environment from a data, connections and transactions point of view. Additionally, Brent was the Director of Technology Transfer for Intel's Organic Packaging Operations where he was responsible for the design, development, and transfer of facilities, equipment and processes related to global organic substrate operations.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Robin Blankenbaker

Life Sciences Portfolio Development Executive

Robin has over 20 years of experience in Medical Device manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs leadership roles. Robin is responsible for aligning digital thread solutions for life sciences with Siemens Digital Industries Software. She brings the voice of the customer to Siemens to enable collaboration and drive best in class solutions to the industry. Prior to Siemens, Robin spent 3 years identifying and implementing digital solutions to meet the needs of pharma. She spent the previous 10 years with WL Gore as Vice President of Quality within their Medical Products Division. With extensive experience working with the FDA, ANVISA, PMDA and other global device regulators, Robin elevates the need for digitalization to reduce risk to patients and improve business results.

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