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Extend the digital enterprise with low-code applications


Extend digital enterprise with low-code

Along with the stacks and stacks of data that organizations are generating and must manage, the deep foundation of established systems and solutions is not only highly protected, it adds to the challenge of digital transformation. Often the things that are holding manufacturers back are the things that can’t be compromised. With low-code applications, organizations can finally make use of the data while keeping the core systems clean to produce the analytics that have been missing. Finally, the gaps of the ecosystem can be filled with low-code applications without customization and compromise.

You will learn:

  • How to access data where and when it is needed while keeping the existing ecosystem in place. 
  • How to extend existing systems and solutions using low-code
  • How to create personalized experiences for employees, partners, and customers
  • How low-code can help identify business and operational trends and gain insights into the necessary response to the trends

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