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Multiscale design of a battery thermal management system

Master battery safety with optimized thermal management systems


The chassis of an electric car packed with battery cells. The chassis includes twin motors and the four tires. There is one EV in the foreground surrounded by dozens of others.

What if you can manage battery pack temperature and prevent quick degradation and thermal runaway while reducing the risk of lithium plating and improving fast-charging capabilities for low temperatures?

Creating a reliable system for managing the temperature of a battery pack is not an easy task. Using multi-level modeling and multiphysics simulations, Siemens offers an integrated solution for designing an energy-efficient battery thermal management system.

Master battery safety with optimized thermal management systems

In this 60-minute webinar, Lionel Broglia and Aziz Abdellahi from Simcenter explain how to increase range by designing and optimizing the battery thermal management systems deploying a multiscale digital twin that links vehicle, pack and cell scales, and speeds up development time, reduces the number of prototypes and anticipates the impact of design changes.

Dive deeper into our webinar and discover these key takeaways:

  • Gain insights into deploying a multiscale digital twin
  • Identify the trade-offs between battery life, fast-charge capabilities, and range
  • Evaluate the safety of battery packs under thermal runaway scenarios

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Lionel Broglia

Business Development Manager

Lionel is the Business Development Manager for System simulation activities, focusing on the electrification of ground transportation. He has a master's degree in mechanical engineering and is involved in multi-domain system simulation since 1999.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Aziz Abdellahi

Battery Application Specialist

Aziz Abdellahi is a Battery Application Specialist at Siemens Digital Industries Software. His expertise includes electrochemical modeling, equivalent circuit modeling, battery life modeling, statistical pack analysis, vehicle-level modeling, and atomistic modeling. Prior to joining Siemens, Aziz worked as a Principal Modeling Scientist at A123 Systems, a major supplier of Li-ion batteries for the automotive and grid sectors. Aziz holds a PhD in Materials Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has authored 15 peer-reviewed publications in the field of Li-ion batteries. He was the recipient of the 2014 Norman Hackerman Young Author Award (Electrochemical Society) and the recipient of SAE’s Outstanding Oral Presentation Award (2018).

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