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Evolving from lean to smart manufacturing

Thriving in the era of semiconductor transformation

Estimated Watching Time: 25 minutes


Two engineers stand on the factory floor looking at manufacturing plans.

Like other semiconductor companies, you have relied on lean manufacturing techniques for decades. It's a matter of survival. You need lean manufacturing efficiencies to minimize waste and maximize productivity, but they don't provide everything you need for today's rapidly evolving market. The time has come to gain what you've been missing—to shift from lean manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

With smart manufacturing, you connect every aspect of manufacturing to gather the real-time data you need to make intelligent decisions, whether it's a business decision, an engineering decision or a maintenance decision required to prevent any adverse event from happening. With better connectivity among systems, managers gain more visibility into production steps, enabling them to detect and address potential errors earlier in the process.

So, how do you shift from lean manufacturing to smart manufacturing? Find out when you attend this webinar.

Key Takeaways

To evolve from lean to Smart Manufacturing, learn how to leverage:

  • The virtual representation of the manufacturing process
  • Closed loop real-time reporting and analytics
  • Seamless collaboration across disciplines

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Michael Munsey

Vice President of Semiconductor Industry

Munsey leverages his extensive background in global business development, strategy, sales, and marketing to drive semiconductor technology advancements at Siemens. With over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, he has held leadership positions at prominent companies like Perforce, Methodics, Dassault Systèmes, and Cadence prior to joining Siemens.

Munsey began his career in semiconductor design at IBM after obtaining degrees from Tufts University. He actively contributes to several industry groups focused on setting standards and shaping the direction of the semiconductor sector. Additionally, Munsey is involved with Tau Beta Pi, the prestigious engineering honors society.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Sankhajit Chakraborty

Global Director of Electronics and Semiconductor

Sankhajit Chakraborty during his 25 plus years of leadership experience has worked for semiconductor/ electronics multinational companies. He has led multiple M&A, PLM, EDA, supply chain and manufacturing systems implementations. In his current role as the Global Director of Electronics and Semiconductor Industry Solutions and Strategy, Sankhajit provides architectural oversight, broad solution view, and market value definitions for the development of new or enhanced product capabilities, best practices, methods, tools and solutions to ensure customer and industry alignment with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.