on-demand webinar

Enhanced engineering analysis for energy industry process equipment


Technicians in a chemical plant

Facing constant market volatility, the energy and process industry is under pressure to improve its operational efficiency, reduce plant downtime, achieve better production planning and improve sustainability.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover how to optimize plant assets and process equipment and reduce costs using high-fidelity, multi-scale process models combined with process automation solutions.

CFD simulation for thermal fatigue

Use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to optimize equipment designs while analyzing performance. Our solution helps your engineers optimize equipment, including reactors, unit operations, heat exchangers and fuel cells, while protecting against thermal fatigue. Register for the webinar to learn how to deliver improvements in run time, catalyst life, product yield and equipment life.

Achieve rapid decarbonization of plants and pipelines

Our Advanced Engineering Simulation solutions include fast-solving models that can enable rapid decarbonization of plants, pipelines and storage infrastructure. Whether it's process modeling, flowsheet simulation, or accessing operational insights through OPC connection, these capabilities are needed to better understand the feasibility of retrofitting existing infrastructure to meet energy transition requirements.

Optimizing catalytic reactor design and operations

Optimizing a catalytic reactor design using CFD software can deliver dramatic cost reductions while improving system sustainability. In the webinar, you’ll also learn how our executable digital twin uses hybrid mathematical modeling combined with physics and machine learning to reduce computational time and deliver on-demand, real-time insights without significantly compromising accuracy. Accelerate your R&D and engineering efforts using our integrated simulation solutions!