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Develop new capabilities to meet energy transition objectives

Estimated Watching Time: 48 minutes


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Developing new capabilities and technologies to meet energy transition objectives is a top priority for the global energy industry. Achieving these goals requires collaboration and innovation to produce better designs faster. By adopting engineering simulation and test solutions, energy businesses can accelerate development times while increasing the likelihood of tests performing as expected.

Join Siemens and Dr. Simon Rees of Norton Straw for a presentation and discussion on the vital role of cutting-edge engineering simulation and test solutions in helping energy, process and materials companies solve energy transition challenges.

Manage challenges facing the energy supply chain

Energy businesses must meet increasingly strict emission targets and society’s growing energy needs. Organizations must also become more resilient to navigate market swings. By empowering your design engineers and researchers with advanced simulation tools, your company can better manage challenges facing the energy supply chain.

Benefits of engineering simulation software

Sustainable energy solutions must be developed faster, at reduced cost and function as expected. By combining robust engineering simulation tools with industry-leading digitalization solutions, innovators are positioned for success. Join our webinar to learn the benefits of engineering simulation software.

Overcome the challenges of using hydrogen energy

Hydrogen will play a major role as the world transitions towards more effective clean energy production. At the same time, the universe’s most abundant element contains unique properties that engineers must better understand. The session will conclude with a discussion of how simulation helps overcome the challenges of using hydrogen energy for fuel.

Meet the speakers

Norton Straw

Simon Rees

Projects Director

Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)

John Lusty

Global Industry Marketing Lead, Energy & Utilities

John is the Energy & Utilities industry marketing lead for Siemens DISW.

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