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The role of engineering simulation and testing in white goods industry

Estimated Watching Time: 46 minutes


The role of engineering simulation and testing in white goods industry

The race to provide internet of things at home is on. Engineering simulation and testing solutions are increasingly adopted by white goods manufacturers to evolve their product from a stand-alone home appliance into a smart digital butler.

Smart appliances provide the opportunity to create intimacy and sell value-added services, but the integration of software into existing hardware and IoT ecosystems creates unprecedented challenges during product engineering. Join this webinar to learn how engineering simulation and testing solutions support home appliance manufacturers in their product innovation.

You will discover:

  • The product innovation approach of top-performing white goods companies
  • The role multi-physics simulation and testing solutions play on home appliance product engineering
  • The secret to improving product quality while keeping the cost low

Efficient innovation approach for home appliances companies

Home appliance companies innovate by focusing on design, ergonomics, materials, durability and energy efficiency. Relying solely on prototype testing is time-consuming and can disproportionately increase R&D expense. An integrated multi-physics simulation software provides a digital environment to analyze various performance criteria of the product before prototyping. Watch this webinar to learn more about recent trends in consumer product simulation.

Why is simulation important for white goods manufacturers?

Simulation tools are adopted by leading white goods manufactures to eliminate the trial & error approach and to effectively improve quality (structural integrity, comfort from reduced noise & vibration and thermal/flow to understand product characteristics) while reducing product realization cost. This webinar provides several business cases illustrating the impact of simulation and testing solutions on home appliance companies operating metrics.

The advantages of simulation and testing for consumer goods companies

Consumer products continue to upgrade by introducing light-weight materials, product personalization, energy-saving features, capacity and intelligence. Such pioneering or even incremental innovation require pertinent R&D practices supported by highly reliable multi-physics engineering simulation and testing software. The simulation and test solutions offer a cost-effective integrated holistic environment to run design variation experiments, performance validation and future innovations. Watch this webinar to learn more.