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Strategies for optimizing product innovation with engineering change management


Strategies for optimizing product innovation with engineering change management

The ancient notion that "change is constant" is no longer true ... change is accelerating in our modern world, especially when you're in the business of product development. New market and customer requirements, new technologies, competitive challenges, and ever-increasing regulations force change at an exponential pace throughout the product lifecycle.

To drive the accelerating evolution of innovative new products, Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) software is the choice of leaders across industries. As your products change, Teamcenter provides business-wide control and visibility to the information, people, and processes impacted, so you can effectively plan and respond to the rapid rate of change. With easy, intuitive web browser access, Teamcenter can reach all the product stakeholders who need to be alerted and participate in change processes.

Teamcenter solutions for engineering change management are 4-star, CM2-compliant, and can be tailored to support different types of change, more complex change workflows, and the requirements of diverse teams in your organization. You can monitor status and performance to see where you are in the process, and look at reports for change management that are available out of the box. Closed-loop processes provide feedback and complete traceability for audit history and tracking, along with issue resolution to identify, analyze, and share critical product quality data.

Attend this webinar to take a closer look at Teamcenter solutions for engineering change management. See how Teamcenter can help your business reduce delays and improve quality as you make the product changes necessary to drive the evolution of innovative products.