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eXpert center series: Rapid application development


eXpert center series: Rapid application development

Finding software solutions that increase business efficiency and tie into existing investments is often difficult and time-consuming. Digitally transform your organization by simplifying process integration and unleashing controlled innovation and collaboration across your organization. Mendix is the leading low-code application development platform from Siemens that abstracts away the complexity of building software, using visual development to create and continuously improve web and mobile applications at speed and scale.

What are the benefits of low-code rapid application development?

In this session, we will discuss how low-code rapid application development is transforming the way in which applications are built and why this game-changing technology is critical for your business. Anyone in your business has the power to build sophisticated high-level applications using this simple approach. Learn how Mendix enables you to personalize the digital twin, achieve business results more quickly, and drive innovation at scale.

An open and flexible data ecosystem

In order to embrace this shift in the way that software is both architected and delivered, at the core is a need for an open and flexible data ecosystem -- where data can securely flow to and from multiple systems to be made accessible to all users. The Mendix low-code platform enables this connected data hub. A hub that is bringing together your existing landscape of information and driving optimized business processes through the delivery of applications that are tailored for any user device.