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eXpert center series: Digital lifecycle foundation


eXpert center series: Digital lifecycle foundation

Deliver key product lifecycle management capabilities quickly, cost-effectively and in a scalable manner. Get your organization on the digitalization journey with Teamcenter X, the new SaaS offering from Siemens Digital Industry Software.

Powerful data repository software

Leverage intuitive suggestions and comparisons to quickly gather the information you need. A database of millions of items, (parts, equipment, schedules, risks, etc.) no longer feels like finding a needle in a haystack. In this session, we demo how to find and compare information in Teamcenter, the powerful data repository platform. Quickly access product information in the full context of relevant data and processes.

Getting started on the digital journey

This session will cover core capabilities of PLM. Understanding these basic use cases and having a quick path to deployment is often a major hurdle for organizations looking to embrace high maturity digital paradigms. If your blockers for the digital journey are that you struggle to justify CAPEX and disruption, or you have no clear foundational starting point, this is an agile and economic way of getting started.

Topics covered:

  • Search and navigation
  • BOM management
  • Document management
  • Workflow and release
  • Change management