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Enabling MBSE integration with Teamcenter: The key to establishing digital continuity

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Enabling MBSE integration with Teamcenter: The key to establishing digital continuity

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Organizations in cross-industry are adopting model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approaches to develop efficient, multi-disciplinary product architectures that enable complex use cases and requirements. MBSE tools enable the development of formal models using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) to capture the structure, interfaces, and interactions, and the allocation of behavior and requirements, etc. However, detailing the design definition for the planned architecture involves manual re-creation of relevant artifacts in domain-specific tools and linking them to maintain traceability. This leads to significant challenges.

HCL has teamed up with Siemens R&D and MBSE tool vendors to develop a unique approach to exchanging architecture artifacts between SysML models and the Teamcenter PLM backbone, breaking barriers between concepting and detailed engineering.

Watch this video for a demonstration of unique features such as single-click exchange of architecture definition, bi-directional synchronization of attributes, parameter integration, seamless handling of reused artifacts, and more. The presentation will also indicate the unique workflows and benefits enabled for the end users by these solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the Digital Thread and the challenges in enabling it within an organization
  • Learn about HCL’s MBSE-to-PLM connectors
  • Realize benefits of the integration

Who benefits?

  • Aerospace, automotive, medical devices and industrial sectors
  • IT department heads, system architects, engineers
  • Siemens sales, client partners, pre-sales

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Meet the speaker

HCL Technologies Ltd.

Nikhil Joshi

Enterprise architect

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